I've seen some really pretty gender neutral nurseries in a wide variety of colors.

After searching on Pinterest for gender neutral nursery ideas I concluded that pretty much any color can be if you use the right accent colors and/or other decor items. Like blue could totally be a boy nursery color but if you pair it with some white lacy things and maybe some flowers and such it starts to look pretty girly.

Here is a pretty green nursery that I personally think is pretty gender neutral. Still I would go grey, or a pastel-ish mint color.

Or, if you go with beige, get a bunch of cool wall stickers, you can get some that go all the way around the room to add color without breaking the gender neutral colouring. I had a friend do a jungle theme, she knew she was having a boy but wanted the nursery to be reusable.

Another friend did a rainbow theme with pastel colors which worked out great as well, and her walls were just beige.

Someone else mentioned turquoise and that's always a good choice because it's a pretty, non-boring color that can go either way.

Some people opt for nurseries that have a lot of color like like rainbow dots or whatever.

Honestly I think whatever you do would be fine as long as it's something you like. Don't pick a color you hate or you'll probably end up unhappy with the room.

And if you have a color you really love don't worry too much about if everything is matchy matchy or how it goes with the rest of the house or whatever. Plus in the end baby doesn't care what color the nursery is. It's really more for you.

By the time baby is old enough to care you can always change things up and repaint.


I did a lot of research prior to having my son and IKEA has some of the safest cribs and mattresses around. Because they sell globally, their cribs have to meet the safety standards of the strictest countries they sell in which is somewhere in Europe.

We got the Sundvik crib and it's worked beautifully.

It's very safe and was easy to put together and I love how it turns into a toddler bed eventually. I went a few days ago and bought a second for my son. Plus, the cribs look great in the room.

I like how 2 sides are solid and it's not just slats all around. If you want one with the drawers, check availability before you go. My Ikea was sold out of every single crib with drawers, both models. I also like the mattresses, but stick with one of the two more expensive ones.

I didn't like the look/feel of the lower models.

We also got the matching changing table. To match the grayish wood tone, we got a regular three drawer dresser in the same finish (not in the kid's section) and then this sofa table to use as a bookcase. All together, it looks really sharp, and has stood up to my now-crawling son's wear and tear.

Plus it saved us so much money over getting furniture at the baby stores.

We also got a toddler poang chair and LOVE it. Highly recommend this toddler chair. We also got the art easel and I love how it folds up for storage. My toddler also loves the rocking moose. The soft stuffed balls are great too. I couldn't find any around here, but they have a few types at Ikea. Great purchase. The wooden toys are great too. The shape sorter, bath toys, bead roller coaster, the wooden walker, love all those. Just bought some towels this time and LOVE those too.

Loved the price and they're much larger than any of the other baby hooded towels Ive bought, and thicker.

Basically, I love Ikea.


Are you in the frantic last minute mode that most parents tend to find themselves in? You still have so much left on your list. How do you manage to find it all? Many of you will find yourselves lying in bed late at night and suddenly realize that you only have a loose idea of what I need. Crib. Carseat. Changing table. Some clothes and diapers. What else??? Eek!

Relax--you will probably use less of it right away than you think you will, and any gaps in stuff can be quickly filled via online shopping.

My brother had a crib but it was pretty much a stuff-depository for over a month, and they had a rare baby that will sleep in a crib we had a bassinet too, but it turned out to be a pain to get him in and out of it, so he ended up sleeping in the bed with them.

We had a chair to breastfeed in, but I started off breastfeeding in bed because staying in bed was more comfortable. I did start using the pillow after a day or two, but then later sent my husband out for a different one. I lived in comfy nursing pajamas but was shirtless a lot of the time.

Baby was born during a heatwave so we pretty much kept him in his diaper and nothing else so it was a few days until we decided to try clothes. We used receiving blankets to cover or wrap him when needed. We ended up changing him on the bed a lot instead of carrying him to the change table in another room.

Basically, we used diapers, receiving blankets and a breastfeeding pillow for a good week before trying any of his other stuff.

I totally get the need to prepare everything, and that feeling of "OMG, I have nothing and I know nothing" but you aren't going to use everything right away, and some stuff you'll end up improvising or doing things differently than you planned because it turns out to be easier, so it's okay to not have it all togeth


Big furniture stores have sales around holidays where you can find good deals. We saved a lot of money by buying the display models of Babies R Us products. At least at my local one they'll sell any floor model and they don't have a policy for discounting floor models so you can negotiate the price a little.

I always check the scratch and dent section first.

I picked up a dresser in the exact color/style we wanted for 50% off, just because there was a long scratch on one side. It took $10 and about 15 minutes to fix. We attached a changing pad to the top, then got a crib that matched from target for less than $300 with gift cards from our registry! They were running a special deal where the crib mattress was free with the purchase of certain cribs, so that helped too.

Overall we looked and deal hunted for around 3 months, making sure not to 'fall in love' with any particular item.

You can definitely find some nice stuff for much cheaper that way if you look carefully. Don't pass up thrift stores and garage sales, especially when it comes to clothing. Most newborn clothes that you will find already used are in great shape because babies will grow out of them so quickly.

Good luck!


We got a great convertible crib with free shipping for $250. Converts to a toddler bed then later into a full size bed. Storkcraft is the brand.

We put a change pad on top of a dresser (Ikea Hemnes) for a change table. They don't "match" in the way that they came together, but they're both white.

Also, it totally depends on the baby if they'll be chewers, my daughter now has 10 teeth and stands/walks (she's 14 months) and she hasn't chewed the crib at all. The crib changed into a toddler bed which was great for transition to a bed.

Well plans changed found cribs and micro cribs at bed bath and beyond very nice for a good price.

There is many alternatives for change tables. The baby phase is such a short phase think about what type of routine you might have in place.